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1-800-485-0215 Ext 145

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I'm Liz and I am a very naughty little girl. Naughty is probably stating it nicely.
I admit it...I'm a total little slut! (giggle)

Mom said I was being too wild and that she'd heard some rumors,
but when she came home early and saw me in my bedroom with
my bare little ass swinging back and forth while I sucked off her boyfriend,
she said I needed more supervision.
Her boyfriend thought I was doing pretty well on my own. (giggle)

So she sent me here, to an all girl school.
I thought I'd hate it, I mean I really love guys; especially older guys, like her boyfriends! ;-)

One thing I wasn't expecting was how nice the girls here can be,
and I've made a lot of close friends. I mean REALLY close, SEE! :-)

Yeah, there are lots of rules and I've gotten into trouble lots
for sneaking out and smuggling in boys, but Mistress has a way of punishing
that's so hot I've found myself getting caught on purpose.
I mean the very idea of getting caught makes my little clit quiver.

I do miss the horny guys though. I love the idea of you calling me and
stroking your big, wet hard cock while I play with my little wet pussy
and tell you what a dirty little whore I've been.

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1-800-485-0215 Ext 145

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